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【English name】: Phenprobamate
【Former name】: spantol
【Chemical name】:  3-phenyl-1-propano carbamate             
【Structural formula】:

【Category】: ataractic
【Accurate word of traditional Chinese medicine】: H21020624
【Package standard】: For domestic sale, 25kg/durm; for export sale, determine
according to the customer’s requirement.
【Product Description】:
Characteristic: it occurs as white lustrous crystalline powder. Melting point :101-104℃, soluble in alcohol, chloroform, propylene glycol and quadrol, slightly soluble in diethyl, almost insoluble in water. It is odorless or has a faint, characteristic odor and a little numbness.
Toxicology and Pathology:
It is functional on the lower brainstem of CNS, which can restrain polysynaptic reflex and block the nerveconduction from the hysterical muscle so that to make the muscle relaxed. It also has faint function of tranquillizing which used to control the cerebral cortex  high central.
Usage: it is used as relaxants for center Musculoskeletal. It is suitable for neck Neck stiff straight, lumbago, pain limbs, muscle pain after sport, ankle joint sprain and contusion, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia and other muscle tension illness with spasm.


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