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【English name】: Chlorpropamide
【Structural fomula】

【Category】: hypoglycemicagent
【Accurate word of traditional Chinese medicine】: H21020630
【Package standard】: For domestic sale, 25kg/durm; for export sale, determine according to the customer’s requirement.
【Product Description】:
Characteristic: it occurs as white crystalline powder; odorless and almost odorless ,with little bitter taste. It is freely soluble in Chloroform, soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water; easily soluble in sodium hydroxide. Melting point: 125-130℃(appendix VI C).
Toxicology and Pathology:
It has effection on regulating blood sugar through stimulating insulin ß cells to secrete insulin, and the function is very powerful and lasting.
It is suitable for the mild moderate II diabetes mellitus patient who are not satisfied with the effectiveness of diet control, and their insulin ß cells can still secrete some insulin, and without other serious complication. It can also used for central diabetes, also suitable for the mild moderate stable adult diabetes mellitus who haven’t lose all the insulin functions. It has special function on senile or vascular complications and adult viscerotonia insulin.

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