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【English Name】Metronidazole
【Alias name】flagyl、gineflavir、metronidazole、fossyol
【Chemical name】2-methyl-5-nitro imidazole-1-ethanol
【CAS No.】443-48-1
【Structural formula】

【Category】Disinfectant and antiseptic
【Accurate word of traditional Chinese medicine】H21020625
【Packing Specification】Domestic sale, 25kg/drum; Export sale, according to the requirements of the customer.
【Product Description】
Function: It is mainly adopted for treatment of prevention and cure of infection caused by anaerobe, such as respiratory tract、alimentary canal、enterocoelia and pelvic cavity infection, skin soft tissue、bone and joint infection and endocarditis、septicemia and meningitis caused by bacteroides fragilis, ect. Meantime, it is also widely used in prevention and cure of oral cavity anaerobes infection.

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