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【English Name】Benzenepropanol;3-phenyl-1-propano;(3-hydroxypropyl)benzene;
【Alias name】Phenylpropanol; γ- Phenylpropanol; Hydrocinnamyl alcohol; 3- phenylethylcarbinol; 3- phenyl-propanol; livonal
【CAS No.】122-97-4
【Chemical name】C9H12O
【Structural formula】

【Packing Specification】Domestic sale, 200kg/drum; Export sale, according to the requirements of the customer.
【Product Description】
Characteristic: colorless liquid. Mp 235℃, 119℃(1.6kPa),Relative density 0.995(25/4℃), Refractive index 1.5357(25℃),Flash point 109℃. Soluble in 70% ethanol and ether, slightly soluble in water.
Usage: Used in the synthesis of spice and medicine. It is the intermediate of central skeletal muscle relaxants, phenprobamate, in pharmaceutical industry. It has a sweet smell of flower and candied fruit, with fresh and pleasant fruity smell after diluted. Natural product consists in strawberry、bacterium balsam、rest balsam、tea、cinnamon leaf oil and so on, China GB2760-86 stipulate it is allowed to be used as food perfume temporarily.

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