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Sodium cyanate
【English Name】Sodium cyanate
【CAS No.】917-61-3
【Molecular Formula】NaOCN
【Molecular Weight】65.01
【Characteristic】Mp 550℃, decompose at 600℃, white crystalline powder, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohols.
【Usage】It is mainly adopted for the raw material of meprobamate production in organic synthesis. Used as hot treatment agent of steel in metallurgical industry. Herbicide in pesticide industry. In addition, also as the raw material in pharmaceuticals industry, etc. 
Fiber drum
Product Name: Fiber Drum(export grade)
Product Model:∮300-430 Diameter series drum height: 340-700MM
Product Specification:∮300-430 Diameter series drum height:340-700MM 
Heat treatment Salt
Product Name: Heat treatment Salt
Product Specification:50kg/bag
Measuring Unit: kg
Usage:Steel cementite、carton-nitrogen common permeability, workpieces of aircraft steel、nitriding gear、nitrogen-carton common permeability.
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